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'LOST FOR WORDS' A book of poems to help with bereavement by Peter Shaw

Losing someone is sad enough and many say that the next worse thing is other people avoiding them or never mentioning their loss.
What do you say to a grieving person when your words seem inadequate?
Most of us dread that next meeting and feel uncomfortable.

Here is a helpful book that is a mixture of spiritual and loving poems that are beautiful, original and written with family and friends in mind. They will convey your feelings to anyone whom you think needs to feel comforted or you might just want them for yourself.

There are no time limits to healing and the poems are just as relevant for someone who died years ago or for the present day as memories return. You can show that you care with one small gesture.

'PETSONNETS' - Heartfelt poems for our pets By Peter Shaw

Simple and Original Poems that are written to fill the emptiness of losing a much loved dog or cat.

They invoke the soft memories of walking in the fields or games with a toy, loyal, noble hearts and personalities.

When a loved animal is no longer around and the routine of someone’s life suddenly comes to a halt; the grief can be overwhelming.

You cannot replace the special bond but you can give someone comfort by giving them 'PETSONNETS'

'WORDS FOR THE MOMENT' - Inspirational words by Peter Shaw

Sometimes we go to an occasion when we are called upon to say a few words that can be very often difficult to formulate.
Here are words that you can use or they may inspire you to write your own.

There are toasts for wedding/engagement parties and for absent friends; also words for commitment ceremonies and welcoming a child into the world and saying goodbye to a loved one as their ashes are dispersed.
There are also words to help and inspire you to find what you would like to say at a funeral or memorial ceremony.

Once you have downloaded the poetry book of your choice, simply copy an appropriate poem and then share it with the ones you care for to bridge your shared grief.

'THE JOURNEYS' - A Novel by Peter Shaw
The story of families before during and after the 2nd World War

A compelling story of lives interlinked through loyalty, betrayal, bravery, love and tragedy in the time when the dark clouds of war descended and after; taking people on journeys across Europe and beyond that some would never return from.

Inspirational Poetry and Creative Writing by PETER SHAW To buy in PDF format and sent to your email address...


From the minds entering the physical to our leaving it, places us in what can be called the middle way.
Written in a relaxed manner, 'A chat about the middle way' Is an aid to:
Self help and understanding certain Spiritual attitudes and principles regarding:

Our Past Lives and how we respond and react with others in this life.
Expanding the minds, eliminating fears and anger and developing unconditional love for all.
This book is devised as a way of looking into the areas that mystify us the most.
The concept of death and our preparation for it.
What is Mediumship?
Understanding our connections and entanglements in what we know as the universe.
The delusions of basing our lives around material wealth.
Loving exclusively.
Jealousy and Comparisons.

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